Times are changing in the health care industry. Are your insurance and risk management programs keeping up?


With health care reform, a booming older population, industry consolidation, cyber risk, and evolving technology, there are a lot of exposures to consider in the health care industry. While change is good, it can create coverage gaps, oversights, and new exposures not considered by last year’s insurance.


Fortunately, Healthcare Risk Management Group has you covered. Our health care risk management experts have earned a stellar reputation for providing innovative commercial insurance solutions for all types of health care businesses – from physician groups, clinics, and hospitals to patient transport companies and laboratories.


As your collaborative partner, we keep you on the forefront of industry developments and strategies that impact your total cost of risk. If you’d like a fully insured plan, we have relationships with the nation’s top health care insurers. If you’d like to explore your options through a captive, partially-self-insured or fully-self-insured plan, we can help with that too. We also have extensive experience in working with nonprofit organizations. Count on us to dovetail all the coverages you need – from workers’ compensation to professional liability, cyber liability and more.


Why wait until it’s too late? Contact our team of professionals today, and take control of your total cost of risk.


Facility Asset Solutions

Property & Equipment Coverage

Protecting your commercial property assets from “unforeseen events & risks” is vital to your business and future. HCRMG’s flexible property insurance programs & policies are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client while covering them from the industry specific exposures that put their entity and assets at risk. With decades of knowledge and experience, you can rely on HCRMG to deliver comprehensive, cost efficient and tailor-made property insurance solutions. Our experienced staff understands the ever-changing environment in which businesses must operate in, and provide our clients with a policy that can adapt to their evolving property & casualty coverage needs.


  • Comprehensive Coverage - We offer a broad, integrated approach to packaging the coverage needs of our customers in a single policy.
  • Flexibility in Coverage - And when it’s needed, we have the flexibility to tailor policies to meet individual customer needs.
  • Tailor-made Loss Control & Claims Services - Our deep understanding of the needs of our policyholders ensures we deliver the loss control and claim services when they’re needed the most.
  • National Presence with a Local Approach – HealthCare Risk Management Group is a leading property and casualty insurance provider, and has been for more than 20 years.  Expertise is delivered countrywide and on a local level for quick decision-making and seamless execution.


Absentee Management Solutions

Employees are the back bone of any company or organization, after all, we are only as strong as our weakest link. Successful companies need employees who perform at a high level, who have the right skills, are motivated and engaged in their work, and want to be at work. However, creating this idealistic workforce and work environment doesn’t happen overnight. Today companies must design and implement an “21st Century” Absence Management Program to address and manage “21st Century” issues. Such a program should include policies and procedures that promote health, reduce absenteeism, and promote productivity.


There are two (2) rules that successful Absence Management Programs abide by:


  • Health and Productivity are correlated & all “Lost Time” is connected
  • When you analyze both absence costs and employee health you’ll find that roughly 20% of your employees account for 80% of your program spending. In addition, of those 20% who are driving your program costs, more than 60% are likely to out of work.


What makes a successful Absence Management Program?

A truly effective Absence Management Program can help identify, track & address all employee absences, and create strategies and solutions to mitigate employee absence whether they are due to illness, injury, stress-related conditions, family-related issues, and/or a lack of engagement. The primary objective of an Absence Management Program is to reduce the direct and indirect costs of absenteeism, curtail the incidence of unscheduled absences, and bolster a work culture of health and productivity within your organization or company.


However, and ineffective Absence Management Program can lead to costly mistakes and a lack of compliance with federally mandated programs such as the “Americans with Disabilities Act” and the “Family & Medical Leave Act.”

Comprehensive and effective Absence Management Solutions and Benefit Plans are paramount to promoting productivity and a culture of health. Which is why more employers are investing the time and money to implement such programs and plans. It is no secret that healthy behaviors & lifestyle choices translate into fewer health risks for employees, as well as lower prevalence of chronic conditions, reduced absenteeism, and higher performance while at work. A successful Absence Management Program is comprehensive and integrated across the employment lifecycle, from recruitment through development and promotion, with support for employee health and productivity at every stage.



HNYS Mandatory Disability

New York requires employers to provide disability benefits coverage to employees for an off-the-job injury or illness. Cash benefits are 50 percent of a claimant's average weekly wage, but no more than the maximum benefit allowed ($170.00 per week).


Additional Short Term Disability (and non NYS)

This benefit pays a portion of an employee’s compensation for up to several weeks while they are out of work due to a covered injury, sickness or childbirth. Benefits are optional and based on income and percentage of weekly wage. Short term disability can last up to two years.


Long term disability

Long term disability typically begins where short term disability leaves off, providing benefits for illnesses or injuries that have longer recovery periods — from several months to several years.


Workers’ Compensation

At HCRMG we recognize the challenge of managing the rising cost of Workers’ Compensation Insurance requires the integration of a traditional Risk Management Process. This process includes the adoption of methods and techniques, and the actions taken to control the risk factors that cause present and future losses related to injury or illness cases. The system includes identification, analysis and tracking of the risk factors, an assessment of the likelihood of Workers’ Compensation cases and the consequences, identifying program elements to manage the risk, and the development of a system for continuous assessments to determine how risks change over time.


Employee Benefits

Your Employees are truly your most valuable assets, by providing them with a well-designed & comprehensive benefits package will not only help attract valuable talent but will also help retain your key employees that your organization’s success depends on. The Employee Benefits professionals at the HealthCare Risk Management Group are here to help you find the right balance between benefitting your employees and managing your “bottom line.”


Our knowledgeable and experienced Employee Benefits experts will work closely with you to outline, design, and implement customized programs that can include elements from our wide array of Employee Benefit product lines while managing your liability without any compromise to your costs. Product lines which include, but are not limited t


  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Pharmacy
  • Disability
  • And More